Aisle Containments

TIMIK Aisle Containments are designed and manufactured to meet the data center requirements. It comes with all parts & accessories to build up a complete Data Center

TIMIK Aisle containment consists of different types of containment doors, Top Covers, Cable management, Control box, Air sealing Panels and Accessories.

Containment Door Frames and Doors

Aisle Containment Door Frames and Doors are the most important component of any aisle containment. Each Door has an automatic closing feature that prevents doors from being accidentally left open.

Sliding Door Frames

Swing Door Frames

Fixed Type Door Frames

Fixed Type Doors /Covers without Frames

Containment door Types

Full Glass / Perspex Door

Half Glass / Perspex Door

Full Glass / Perspex Two Section Door

Solid Steel Door

Containment Top Covers

Fixed Type Cover

Quick Open Type Cover

Extended Top Cover

Quick open type Top Covers open automatically in the event of smoke or fire when it is detected by the fire system of the data center.

Type of Top Covers

Glass / Perspex Cover

Solid Steel Cover

Containment Cable Managements

Rack Roof Level Cable Management Tray

Rack Roof Level Cross Cable Management

Containment Air Sealing Panels

19” Horizontal Front Panel Clip Type 1U/ 2U/ 3U

19” Horizontal Front Panel Screw Type 1U/ 2U/ 3U

19” Horizontal Front Panel with Air Sealing Brush – Middle Open 1U/ 2U

19” Horizontal Front Panel with Air Sealing Brush – Side Open 1U/ 2U

19” Horizontal Front Panel with Air Sealing Brush and Cable Guard 1u/ 2u

Vertical Sealing Strip Panel for w = 600 mm Racks

Vertical Sealing Strip for
w = 800 mm Racks

Under Rack Sealing Panel

Under Rack Brush Sealing Panel

Air Sealing Panel Full Rack Space

Air Sealing Panel Adjustable Heights

Air Sealing Panel Fixed Heights

Air Sealing Tapes

Containment Controller

This user-oriented containment controller comes with a stable and rigid design. Automatic operation of lights in presence of motion and the ability to operate LED lights by switching external 2-way I/O switches attached on the doors. This controller has the ability of provisions for one or two power sources and the capability of operating to open top covers in case of fire. The Controller can be customized as per the customer’s requirement.

Containment Door Access Control

Finger Print Scanner

Number Pad

Electromagnetic Lock