We help to save hill country leopards in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) is an endangered leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka. Illegal snares keep by tea estate workers in hill country to catch wild boars is a threat to Leopards in hill country .

Many leopards were killed due to these illegal snares. One of the challenge faced by officials of Department of Wildlife Conservation of Sri Lanka is to bring these injured leopards to their veterinary hospitals as snares are generally in very remote areas without roads. They face a huge challenge of bringing them in mountains treks.

We designed and manufactured modern leopard cages using light weight Aluminum Alloy and handed over to Department of Wildlife of Sri Lanka. This has solved their problem of getting injured leopards thro mountain treks as the cage is just 30kg and with many features to handle easily.

Appreciation to the DWC officials for rescue and release of the Leopards that are caught in illegal snares and saving this beautiful creature for the future generation.
We are happy that we could contribute to this worthy cause by design & manufacture this light-weight aluminum alloy cages with many features and contribute to this worthy cause of animal conservation.