TIMIK Panel Design (TPD) software can use to do design panels, generate drawings and generate the BOM (Bill of  Material) of the modular panel parts.

TIMIK Panel Design (TPD)  can also generate BOM of switchgears, Copper and also give weight, assembly time etc.

TIMIK Panel Design (TPD) software makes panel designing

easier, accurate & faster. 

Open drawing sheet and enter project details, forms of separation, etc.

Pick and place modular panels and accessories as per design.


Include busbar system.


Very simple and user friendly.

Pick and place switchgears as per design.


We can include any brand of switchgears in the library as per customer request.

Generate the BOM (Bill of Material) of the modular panel parts, busbars and switchgears.


TPD gives assembly time, Copper weight, panel weight and other required details.


TPD generates Quotation, MR (Material Request) to warehouse, Parts list to assembly workshop and other required documents

TIMIK Panel Design (TPD) software is 100% free for TIMIK customers

Free Training

Free update of switchgear library

Generate Bill of Materials

Generate Copper Weight

Estimated Assembly Time

100% Free

Generate Drawing

Generate Panel Weight