Distribution Boards – Australia & New Zealand Type

TIMIK Australian/ New Zealand type  Distribution Boards provide safe, flexible solutions through high quality & innovative designs.

TIMIK Australian/ New Zealand type Distribution Boards are available different types & designs for different applications

Indoor Distribution Models




Outdoor Distribution Models



Stainless Steel Distribution Models

SS Premium

SS Tough

Distribution Boards are available in IP43, IP65 & IP66 types and made of EG (Electro Galvanized) steel and Stainless steel grades AISI 304 & 316

PAN busbars with 250A incomer of switch disconnector or MCCB and outgoings are from 12 way to 96 ways.

TIMIK Australian/ New Zealand type Distribution Boards are AS/NZS 61439 compliant and optimize operational performance, save space and enhance safety.

Custom designs can supply on request.

TIMIK Distribution Boards provide quick and easy installation, safety and reliability in electrical installations for commercial and residential building applications.