1. Die casted concealed hinge for better strength. Door can be fix to left or right hand side. Door opens 120     degrees.
2. Hinges are fixed with non-asbestos jointing fiber washer of ASTM F36/J to prevent dust & water (To maintain     the IP rating).
3. Door Lock is quarter turn common key lock. Many other types of locks are available as optional items.
4. Stud welded Copper earth studs on door and cabin for earthing.
5. Polyurethane (PU) gasket to maintain IP rating. Tested for IP65 at AKAS accredited testing lab in the UK.
6. Provisions are given in cabin to fix door left or right hand side. Extra holes are covered with plastic plugs to     maintain the IP rating.
7. Mounting plate is made of Alu-Zinc (Zinc-Alume)
8. Mounting Plate is fixed with Copper studs. No bolts are penetrated outside (for better strength and to maintain
    the IP rating).
9. Gland opening is recessed and closed with Gland Plate and sealed with Neoprene gasket to maintain the IP     rating. Many types of gland plates are available on request.
10. Gland Plate is fixed with Copper studs and no screw are penetrated outside. This is to maintain the IP rating       and for better quality.
11. Provisions to fix many auxiliary items like Front Plates, MCCB Modules, DIN Modules N&E Link Modules,
     Blank Plates etc. Wall Mounting Box Enclosures with many other standard accessories give many solutions for      Distribution Boards and other electrical assemblies.
12. Back embossed with a rib in four sides for extra strength. Back plate is recessed.
13. Wall Mounting Box Enclosures can be fix on to the wall using four holes on the back plate or can use Wall       Mounting Brackets available as an optional items.
14. Powder coated in textured Epoxy Polyester in RAL 7032 (Grey) Automated power coating plant with IR curing
     give durability and looks as new in many years to come.
15. Available in many different sizes to meet the requirement ranging from 200x200x150mm to      800x1200x300mm.

720100 Box 2.2-150 Box200x200x150 200x200x150mm
720150 Box 2.3-150 Box200x300x150 200x300x150mm
720225 Box 2.5.3-150 Box250x300x150 250x300x150mm
720300 Box 3.3-150 Box300x300x150 300x300x150mm
720310 Box 3.3-200 Box300x300x200 300x300x200mm
720325 Box 3.4-150 Box300x400x150 300x400x150mm
720330 Box 3.4-175 Box300x400x175 300x400x175mm
720335 Box 3.4-200 Box300x400x200 300x400x200mm
720360 Box 3.5-200 Box300x500x200 300x500x200mm
720365 Box 3.5-250 Box300x500x250 300x500x250mm
720400 Box 4.3-150 Box400x300x150 400x300x150mm
720405 Box 4.3-175 Box400x300x175 400x300x175mm
720410 Box 4.3-200 Box400x300x200 400x300x200mm
720425 Box 4.4-150 Box400x400x150 400x400x150mm
720430 Box 4.4-175 Box400x400x175 400x400x175mm
720435 Box 4.4-200 Box400x400x200 400x400x200mm
720450 Box 4.5-150 Box400x500x150 400x500x150mm
720460 Box 4.5-200 Box400x500x200 400x500x200mm
720465 Box 4.5-250 Box400x500x250 400x500x250mm
720485 Box 4.6-200 Box400x600x200 400x600x200mm
720490 Box 4.6-250 Box400x600x250 400x600x250mm
720486 Box 4.8-200 Box400x800x200 400x800x200mm
720487 Box4.10-200 Box400x1000x200 400x1000x200mm
720510 Box 5.4-200 Box500x400x200 500x400x200mm
720535 Box 5.5-200 Box500x500x200 500x500x200mm
720560 Box 5.6-200 Box500x600x200 500x600x200mm
720585 Box 5.7-200 Box500x700x200 500x700x200mm
720590 Box 5.7-250 Box500x700x250 500x700x250mm
720595 Box 5.7-300 Box500x700x300 500x700x300mm
720610 Box 6.4-200 Box600x400x200 600x400x200mm
720615 Box 6.4-250 Box600x400x250 600x400x250mm
720620 Box 6.4-300 Box600x400x300 600x400x300mm
720635 Box 6.5-200 Box600x500x200 600x500x200mm
720660 Box 6.6-200 Box600x600x200 600x600x200mm
720665 Box 6.6-250 Box600x600x250 600x600x250mm
720670 Box 6.6-300 Box600x600x300 600x600x300mm
720685 Box 6.8-200 Box600x800x200 600x800x200mm
720690 Box 6.8-250 Box600x800x250 600x800x250mm
720695 Box 6.8-300 Box600x800x300 600x800x300mm
720710 Box 6.10-200 Box600x1000x200 600x1000x200mm
720715 Box 6.10-250 Box600x1000x250 600x1000x250mm
720720 Box 6.10-300 Box600x1000x300 600x1000x300mm
720735 Box 6.12-200 Box600x1200x200 600x1200x200mm
720740 Box 6.12-250 Box600x1200x250 600x1200x250mm
720815 Box 8.6-250 Box800x600x250 800x600x250mm
720835 Box 8.8-200 Box800x800x200 800x800x200mm
720840 Box 8.8-250 Box800x800x250 800x800x250mm
720845 Box 8.8-300 Box800x800x300 800x800x300mm
720860 Box 8.10-200 Box800x1000x200 800x1000x200mm
720865 Box 8.10-250 Box800x1000x250 800x1000x250mm
720870 Box 8.10-300 Box800x1000x300 800x1000x300mm
720885 Box 8.12-200 Box800x1200x200 800x1200x200mm
720890 Box 8.12-250 Box800x1200x250 800x1200x250mm
720895 Box 8.12-300 Box800x1200x300 800x1200x300mm

Above Wall Mounting Box Enclosure consists of Cabin, Gland plate/s, Mounting plate, Steel door.

Many other accessories to give total solution in wall mounting electrical panels, distribution boards & others assemblies.