Modular Concept

TIMIK Modular Panel System is based on the modular concept of ‘’Standard Module” for the construction of electrical panel systems.
TIMIK “Standard Module” can be extended into X, Y & Z or width, height & depth directions in multiplication of “Standard Module””. With this versatile modular concept, it is possible to construct electrical panel systems of any design, any configuration, or any size, using the range of standard modular parts.
The versatility of the modular system makes it easier to design and faster to assemble, electrical panel systems with endless possibilities.  
TIMIK Modular Panel Systems can be modify or extended, as per design changes during the panel assembly, during panel building or, even after commissioning; due to standard modular parts and it’s bolted construction.


TIMIK modular system has complete modularity in all 3 axis with multiplication of ‘’Standard Module”. This provides the most flexible solution possible. Width, height and depth as well as sizing and placement of any sub-sections are infinitely variable. Many spaces restrictions can be overcome by making angled or back-to back arrangements.

Since all components are standard stock items, design changes or other modifications can easily be catered during the assembly phase or on-site.



The busbar system forms the power distribution within an assembly and is one of the critical element determining the assembly's operational reliability and safety. The busbar system in TIMIK modular system is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stress existing during normal service as well as under fault conditions.

Busbars can be arranged in the X, Y plane or in the Z plane. This allows the ultimate in flexibility in designing busbar chambers in TIMIK Modular Panel System.

TIMIK busbars are run as twin bars in arrangement of “Twin – Parallel” method. This system facilitate busbar tapping for out going feeder without drilling holes in busbars. Busbar drilling is not recommended, as it removes Copper mass and reduce the current carrying cross sectional area. The busbar are held by clamps and this allows thermal expansion & contraction, without stressing the busbar as no holes are drilled and no bolts are pass across the busbars.
Twin busbars fixed in “Twin-Parallel” manner facilitate heat removal from busbars due to larger skin area for heat dissipation by convection. Better heat removal increases the current carrying capacity of busbars.

Inserts & Partitions

Different types of Inserts can be mixed within the same assembly or section, in order to efficiently meet requirements regarding continuity of supply, service conditions, technical requirements or budgetary constraints.

Due to the complete modularity of the TIMIK system, the physical dimensions of the Insert can be varied in all 3 axis. This allows complete optimization of design with respect to the overall dimensions of the assembly, heat dissipation, service and maintenance.

An extensive range of standard parts offers complete freedom in design panels to internal separation from Form 1 to Form 4B as per IEC 61439 (BS EN 61439) standards. TIMIK range includes Fixed Compartments Units, Removable units, Draw-out units for design and building of panels of any configuration.


Finish of the panel is important as it is the most prominent factor, that reflects the quality of  the product and gives durability.

Main parts related to finish are Doors & Covers. Doors & Covers are made from 1.5 or 2.0mm CR mild steel sheets and Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated. Powder coated is done in pebble Grey (RAL7032) in Satin smooth finish to thickness of 60-80m with proper pre- treatment and IR curing. This ensure maintenance and look as new in many years.

Other colours & finishes are available on request.  

TIMIK Modular Panel System can export as modular parts. This will save on freight cost, handling cost,
storage space etc.
Our customer/distributor can stock them easily and assemble the electrical panel as per drawing using the TIMIK standard modular parts. This enable him to deliver his panel orders, faster, easier and can change the
panel design at any stage as it's a bolted construction.

TIMIK Modular Panel System enable to construct electrical panel system of any size, any design,  any configurations using the range of standard modular parts.

Available Colours